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Let's have Japanese for dinner @ Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant, Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya


Who does not fancy Japanese food right?? Sushi King, Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Sake Sushi etc are one of the main Japanese eatery over here...

Instead of having it at some normal Japanese eatery why not have it at a Eyuzu... Nice looking and Japanese feel restaurant... Why not right??? I mean once in a while, if you have any celebration or just wanna have a nice date with your loved one, why not spend a little more for the ambiance.. At lease for sure, you won't have to queue up and have children running around the restaurant or shouting at their top of their voice as though they are some Opera singer in a Opera House... LOL!!!!

A little something about Eyuzu...

Let me post some pictures for you to have a look at the interior....

Wooden tables and chairs accompany with Japanese music...
Show kitchen to catch a glimpse at the Sushi Master.... ^^
Teppanyaki counter for Teppanyaki lover
Nice Japanese Garden for you to enjoy your meal with....
 There are couple of small private rooms for you to have your private business meals or gathering though.. Didn't manage to take picture of them because it has booking already... Oh well

Let not delay and get straight to the main point than... which is *Drum rolls* FOOD!!!!!!!

Eyuzu Maki...
Eyuzu Maki @ RM40.00++...This is one of their Sushi Master specialty sushi dishes.. This Maki is made on the spot by the professional Sushi Master... What in it?? This sushi has generous portion of deep fried Soft Shell Crab, Lettuce, Cucumber, Avocado and must have Mayonnaise.. it is then wrapped with fresh Seaweed, cooked till perfection Sushi Rice and Flying Fish Roe...

Yummy dish... Every time when I drop by Eyuzu, this is definitely a must have dish... Everything is fresh and it taste really good.. eat it with Japanese Soya sauce and Wasabi... perfect combinations.. Love it till the max...

Tempura Moriawase
Tempura Moriawase @ RM40.00++... The seafoods is lightly battered and fried to perfection and it is serve it is still warm ( I won't say they serve it hot though)...Not sure if you guys tried before those soggy soggy type of Tempura seafoods or those seafoods which is thickly battered.... Disgusting right??? It comes with slight vegetable as well... Oyster mushrooms, Eggplants etc....The vegetable are also lightly battered and the chef didn't fry till it is very very dry... Try dipping it with their home made sauce, it is so lovely that I have to keep eating it... add some thinly sliced Radish into the sauce as well... super duper Yummy...

Chuka Iidako
Chuka Iidako @ RM21.00++... I assume that everyone tried this dish before right?? Whether it is in Eyuzu or any Japanese restaurant you have tried this dish before right??? Worse case scenario, guess you tried it at some hotel or restaurant buffet??

To be honest right, I never like marinated baby Octopus when I was small, because it is so.... Eww!!... Remember those time when you go and buy Octopus in market, this Iidako remind me of those market place one... Those bulging Octopus eye... Eww!!! But, recent years, I realised it is not that bad... The first time I have this dish is in Sushi King and I fall in love with the dish immediately...

Anyway, I find that this dish is ordinary... To me the taste is like normal Japanese restaurant one, not much different... The only difference is, it is serve very quickly, once ordered, after like 8 minutes it is served.. Prompt service... and it is serve freezing cold... Love the freezing cold feeling.. Some places serve it warm if you know what I mean...

California Roll and Eyuzu Temaki
California Roll (Left) @ RM14.00++... California roll has been my favourite sushi item since I'm in primary school... When I was small, I don't fancy raw rish on rice... So the only Japanese sushi thing i eat is California Roll... Till now, I am still a California Roll lover... ^^

All ingredients are fresh, and I love the crispness of the Seaweed... Somewhat, it is better than Tae Ka Noi (Sorry I don't no how to spell) seaweed.... As you can see, this California Roll comes with crabsticks, strips of Avocado, Cucumber, Lettuce and  drizzle with lots of Mayonnaise... it is than wrapped in a rolled cone of seaweed...

Eyuzu Temaki (Right) @ RM19.00++...  The restaurant manager at first recommend us to try the Temaki instead of the roll, but since I am allergic to Crab, I stick back to the roll instead..

Eyuzu Temaki comes with freshly made Sushi rice, crispy Soft Shell Crab, strips of Avocado, Cucumber and Lettuce, Mayonnaise and finally wrapped with a slice of Seaweed... Taste wise, pretty standard and normal... nothing much to compliment about.

Agedashi Tofu
Agedashi Tofu @ RM14.00++... Deep fried Tofu with Dashi sauce... 4 cube of decent size Tofu deep fried till perfection.. The outer skin of the Tofu is kinda sticky.. Guess is after some time of deep fried effect though.. Dashi sauce really compliment the Tofu...The sauce is not too strong which will overpower the Tofu flavor and not too light which the Tofu flavor will be too strong.. Get what I mean?? The sauce is really something.. Eat it with Garlic Rice and it is perfection ^^

Tori Teriyaki
Tori Teriyaki @ RM28.00++... Look like some chicken chop with a bed of coleslaw right??? Nope, you are wrong... This is chicken breast (With the skin intact) grilled with Teriyaki sauce...

Did they marinate the chicken with the Teriyaki sauce?? That I am not sure, but 1 thing for sure, the chicken fully absorb the Teriyaki sauce flavour.. The breast is very moist though, I always find that meat which are grill are always dry... But, not this dish... The chicken is very moist even though after the grilling process.. Eat it with its own juice and left over Teriyaki sauce.. Yummylicious!!!

Garlic Fried Rice
Garlic Fried Rice @ RM12.00++ per bowl... I guess you don't need me to explain what is inside right?? The rice has a very strong Garlic taste and it is not dry as well.. The garlic is not soft and mushy as well.. It is as though they fried the Garlic till it is golden brown first than fried it together with the rice.. Yummy yummy...

The rice is also fried till it is golden in colour.. Thanks to the egg... One of the best Garlic Fried Rice I've ever tried so far..

Japanese Burger... Grilled Rice Burger with Crispy Fish Burger
Grilled Rice Burger with Crispy Fish Burger @ RM28.00++... I bet everyone tried already right the Japanese burger set in McDonald.. Now, Eyuzu also have their own burger.. which is way better than the McDonald burger..

Let take a closer look at the burger shall we??

Instead of the normal sesame seed bun, Eyuzu replace it with Sushi Rice Bun... They managed to make it into a bun shape and fried it thanks to the stickiness from the rice...The fish patty though, feel like tempura fish, instead of the normal battered they replaced it with bread crumb... Eat it while it is still hot so that the patty and the bun are still crunchy... They drizzle the sauce on the plate.. So every time, when you wanna take a bite.. lightly brush the sauce onto the portion.. ^^

It is served with a bed of fresh salad and green soya beans... Unique way of enjoying your burger isnt it??

Oh ya, before I forget... this is not in the menu though..it is this month promotional item.. Therefore, grab it fast before end of this month... This unique burger is served until 31 of October 2012 only... So grab it while it is still there...

Hotate Moto Yaki
Hotate Moto Yaki @ RM36.00++ ( 2 nos)... Gratinated Scallop is the bomb... The scallop is really good... What in it?? Cube of Onions and Scallop combined with Cheese which is baked... I love it... As you can see, we really have a lot of dishes with us already.. And we are already full to the brim, but I still managed to eat this dish..... It is really yummy... Soft and moist... Super duper love it...

Mix Mushroom
Mix Mushroom @ RM40.00++... Not only to commend much about this dish because it is rather normal to me... Le Companion find it delicious though... To me, it has a very strong Mushroom and buttery taste.... Not too oily as well... Perfect combination for the Garlic Rice....

Too bad by the time this dish is serve, I've already finish half a bowl of the fried rice.. LOL!!!

Kuro Goma Aisukuriimu
Kuro Goma Aisukuriimu @ RM15.00++ per scoop... Not Charcoal ice cream ok... It is Black Sesame Ice cream... Not too strong thought the Black Sesame... easy to eat for me ^^ and it is serve chill as well ^^

Matcha Aisukuriimu
Matcha Aisukuriimu @ RM12.00++ per scoop... Green tea ice cream serve with a dollop of Red Bean paste.. Like the Kuro Goma, not too strong the taste... Just nice.. eat it alone also nice... with the red bean paste also nice...

Abekawa Mochi
Abekawa Mochi @ RM14.00++ for 3 balls... Soft glutinous rice ball with chopped sweetened Cashew nut... They give extra powder so that you can roll your rice ball on it... I love this mochi ball because it doesn't stick to your teeth.. Most places made it till it stick to your teeth... I super hate it... esp the part where you need to use your tongue or a toothpick to remove it... How unclass right?? Imagine that...

Well, that all for now than... before i end my post... following are the detail of Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant if you fancy a night of Japanese..

Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant
Opening Hours: Lunch---> 12pm till 2.30pm (Daily)
                           Dinner---> 6.30pm till 10.30pm (Daily)
Contact number: +603 7665 1111 (General hotel line)

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