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Is been a while... Yes I have neglected my blog again and again.. What to do when you have a full time job as a Hotelier and basically your whole life is devoted to your job. Or so it seems. It is not easy being a Hotelier. Trust me when I say this...

Anyway, I have been hooked onto Korean cosmetics for quite sometime now. 3ce is one of the brand which I have been loving since. 

3CE (or better known for 3 Concept Eyes) by Style Nanda is no stranger to any Korean beauty junkie. Park Sora who is their famous spokesperson is no stranger as well. Her feature and completion are to die for. She looks perfect in everything they "throw" on her. Coral, Nude, Pink, Shocking Pink, different tone of Red... Please tell me who can wear so many different colour and still look so perfect. 

Park Sora in various lip shade
Cut all the admiration talks and lets get down to business.

I have been eyeing for their Glossing Waterful Foundation for the longest time since my Laneige BB Cushion is finish. So since I've heard lot for rave about this product, I've started with my research through other blogger's honest review, youtube review etc. 

After a long hesitation, I decided to get it. Guess what?? It is not sold in any departmental store yet. That was like end of 2014. I am well aware that currently Sephora and Muse by Watson is carrying 3CE. But i am talking bout end of 2014 here. I am so not willing to buy it through 3CE official website. It takes me quite a while to find a random beauty shop (GooGoo Beauty Store) @ Sungei Wang Plaza selling it. So, even though it cost me a bomb (cant rmb the price though.. but nothing less than RM120.00), I paid for it. 

Shades available..

3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation comes with 4 different shades, suitable for both "Cool" and "Pink" skin tone girls. After quite a long Q&A session with the beauty attendant, I have decided to proceed with "Milk Ivory" as I feel "Nude Beige" is similar with my skin tone color as it make no different to my conpletion. "Milk Ivory" however brighten up my skin making me one step closer to "fairer looking skin".

Milk Ivory shade

3ce collection...
 As you can see only 1 / 3 of the foundation is left.This is one of the first foundation which i had which uses glass bottle for its watery texture foundation. And not to worry, the glass is quite thick therefore, it is not that fragile. 

Ignore the dirty pipette..
It is also design with a glass pipette (is that what you called it?) therefore, very hygienic. Just drip a few drops of it onto your hand and apply it onto your face, drip a few more extra if is not sufficient. 

This is "Milk Ivory" on my hand. As you can see, after spreading some onto my hand, you can see how glowy that part of my hand can be compare to the rest of my hand. The foundation which contain high level of moist, blend really easily onto my hand and there is no cakey feeling left during and after i spread it. It is really light weight. Lets proceed to test it with my bare face.

Bare naked face with only drawn eye brown

I did not put any primer what sort ever before the foundation. So, this is the result on half of my face. Please be reminded that, this is a flawless gloss foundation and it contains no glitter particles in it. The foundation function in a way that it draws out the glow from within our skin with moist, giving it a healthy looking skin.

When you first apply it, it kinda reminds me of a sunscreen, whereby I feel a slight sticky texture on my skin. But after a while, it goes away after our skin absorb it.

Left side with 3CE bottle (With), Right side (Without)

Coverage: Light. If you have browse through its official website, it does not promise full coverage. Therefore, do not expect this foundation to fully cover all your spots, blemishes what sort ever. It is light enough for your skin to breath with it and it also provide the youthful glow which all Korean seem to have. If you have huge pores that need some coverage, try using some good pore eraser / primer before the foundation. It helps.

See the difference between my left and right face. Left is with the 3CE bottle and right is without. Beside the obvious lighter tone on my skin, you can see that there is a slight glowy effect from the foundation.

However, I do have a love-hate relationship with this foundation.

I have combination skin, oily on the T- Zone area, Dry at my cheeks. If I were to wear this in the morning before work, by noon, my T- zone area will be super oily and I will need at lease 2 blotting paper to remove all the grease from my face. And, the foundation will not last for me throughout the day, probably last till noon due to the excessive usage of blotting paper and wiping it off me. 

Tried plenty of different primers, loose powders to make it work. But, it still failed miserably. :( 
I still end up looked like some grease ball walking down the road. Oh well... beggars cant be choosy.

Even though it is not suitable for me to apply full face. I discover a better way of using it to not waste it. :) 

Nowadays, I only apply 3CE Waterful Foundation at the dry area on my face, which is at the cheek area and around my lip area. I use a different brand of foundation on my T- Zone. Wanna see the end result?

Full face with foundation

Not that bad right?? Even though I could not put it on my whole face, at lease, it still works on certain part of my face. I still get some of the glowy effect which I wanted.

With some eyes and lip makeup on... Ignore my messy hair... I am so lazy to style it just for this review.. Sorry.. My bad

In conclusion, do I think this foundation is worth the hype?
Maybe. If it works on me. But sadly, due to my skin condition which is Combination, it failed. But, thumbs up for the glowy effect though. 

Will I be buying it again?
No. There are so many more brands for me to try out. Why stick to one right. And it is quite pricey for something that does not really work on me.

This is the end of my review. Hope this is not too bad for a first timer. Before I end it, please allow me to selfie for a bit.

Tootles, till next time.... Let me catch up with my K-drama.....

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