A visit to Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park @ Melbourne, Australia


A long while go, My family and I flew into Melbourne, Australia for my sister's castle theme wedding. Damn, she stolen one of my theme wedding.... T.T

It was a 7 days cross country trip and this has been a long awaited family trip. The last time when we as a family have traveled together was..... when i was a small kid. Yup, that is how long it was..

Anyway, being in Australia for the first time, how could we miss seeing a real life Kangaroo or Koala hoping or lazying around. So, I have pester my sister and my new addition to the family, brother in law, "Mr K" for the longest time, till they are fed-up of me. Well, girls always get what they want anyway.

So off we go to "Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park" which is situated just outside of Melbourne around an hour drive. I would say it is located in the Mornington Peninsula area.

Entrance fee is not that expensive I would say, considering the amount of animals and the area which they have to maintain. Each adult would cost $18.00, children from aged 4 - 15 will be at $9.00. 

I paid for the koala petting as well $12.00 per person since we arrive around 2.00pm after lunch. Why not right, you dont get to pet a Koala everyday. There are some other animals which you can pet and touch as well, but there are specific timing for that. I suggest to visit their official webpage for the exact timing as they might be some changes in the time.

They will also provide you with a walking map for your easy reference. You are able to navigate through the entire sanctuary using the map. I have sorta misplace my map therefore, this is one image for your reference.

Moonlit Visitor Map

Really big area I would say... Open air and no netting above us. All of the land birds were roaming freely. In the middle of the park lies a big lake. Not sure whether is it deep though.

Signages leading you to your fav animal

Once you have enter and on your left would be the birdy place.. with colourful cockatoo and parrots.. however they were all in cages.

Nooooming Away

Also, we saw Dingo.... Dingos are wild dogs found in Australia. They were not from Australia originally, but I found out through some web that they arrive around 5,000 years ago. Surprisingly, Dingo does not bark but they howl like a wolf only #Funfact. Their's look somehow reminds me of a Japanese Shiba Inu. Dont they?

Hello to One Eye Dingo.. Jagga

Moving on to one of my favorite animal.. KOALA!! Perhaps they are aware that show and feeding time is soon, one koala is wide awake roaming around its cage, another koala is still snoozing away on the tree trunk.

So, they took the active Koala for the petting session brought him/ her to a separate area and there goes the session.

Before that, the keeper were giving some explanation about the animal. Telling us about their character, habitat, eating habits and sleeping hours etc. Once done, there goes the session.... Camwhore time!! Approximately 10 minutes per person for the selfie session. They are really gentle and friendly animal. Thick fur coat and they smell like... Eucalyptus leaves.. Probably because the leaves are right in front of me. No smelly skunky smell like goats. Bleeeuukkkk..... Soft fur coat too surprisingly

After that session is over, we move on to the next my favorite animal. Kangaroo and Wallaby @ Wallaby Walk.

Honestly, I cant differentiate them previously. When I was a kid, I always though that Wallaby is baby Kangaroo, and when they are adults they are call Kangaroo. Silly me. The most obvious difference between the both is their height.


Super cute fury animal... I really wanna hug it.. But they are so shy and cautious that they took quite a while to approach us.

We bought some pet foods to feed them, with food luring them.. there they comes!!

Feeding time...
Princess P with her furry fellowers..


If you think Wallaby are cute, Kangaroo is no less. But, physically bigger. With the feed we have, Kangaroos are also attracted to it.


Countless of Kangaroos and Wallaby are crowding around us. Honestly speaking, they don't fight for food. They just wait there for their turn.. I was really shock.. Talking about being a gentlemen and having manner. #sonotmalaysian

Queen of the family enjoying her time harassing the kangaroo... Honestly speaking, very very soft fur. What conditional are you using? I also want....

I think I spend around 30 minutes at the Wallaby Walk. Before leaving that area, what a sexy pose by a Kangaroo... LOL


Wombat however was keep in a cage up area. First impression towards it: Oversize gurney pig..

Sleeping Wombat
 Not sure why, perhaps they havent clean their enclosure. Kinda smelly..

Slow poke... 
Tasmanian Devil

Small rat looking animal, only can be found in the wild of Tasmania (An island below Australia). Comparing to a rat, I think rat are more approachable and harmless looking. They belong to the Marsupial family but are carnivorous.

Think I am cute, think twice

 Looking at the way they tear the meat the keeper toss to them. It is so scary. It is like some zombie on the loose.

But, those two are a cute bunch together.. Cheeky bunch..

By the end of the day, we have our fun with all the animals. Wanted to head back and suddenly we realize more Kangaroos scattered around the park.

OMG... I am taller than you !!

Cleaning them self
 More selfies... I cant stop myself.. cause I have with me 300 over picture of them...

Running away after the feed
I have a great day playing around with Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koala etc. One item off my bucket list.

In case you guys are interested in the place, address as below,

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park
550 Tyabb-Tooradin Rd Pearcedale, VIC 39120, Australia

Have a great day! See you guys soon. :)

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