A Historic City Tour @ Malacca (A.K.A Melaka), Malaysia


Been a really bad girl recently isn't it??? Well, I am kinda in a phase whereby I am getting really lazy to blog... Don't really feel like blogging, just feel like lazying around and lying on the bed playing with Teddy Bears... LOL!!!

For the past 2 minutes, I been typing crap... deleting it continuously and stuff... Guess I am kinda rusted with blogging....and have no clue what to blog about...  


Anyway, its been like 1 and a half weeks now since I last step foot in Malacca... Opps!!!! I delayed this blog post for ages....

*Disclaimer: Never go down to Malacca during weekdays, because the trip will be wasted... Ended up spending time enjoying the bed in hotel more than anything... Try going down during weekends, much more activities during than, ESP JONKER STREET NIGHT MARKET..... ^^*

Malacca as you all know is kinda a small city.... 3rd smallest state right after "Perlis" and "Penang"... Seriously??? Penang is one of the small state?? Oh ya, compare to the neighboring states it is... LOL!!!! 

Alfonso de Albuquerque who is a Portugese fella actually conquered Malacca during the year of 1511... That the only History fact that I remember from my schooling days, wanna know more?? Google la of course!!!

Oh ya, beside Penang, Malacca is also listed in the World Heritage List... Super cool isn't it... When I am there, it kinda remind me of Georgetown, Penang though... the feeling and the colonial building bring back memories of that area.. 

Went to Malacca with le companion for 2 days and 1 night.... just for the thrill of it... I mean, is kinda bored staying in the same place doing the same thing and seeing the same people and things... so, wanna take a breather and head out South for some "fresher" air...

 It takes 2 hours for us to get there... Reach there Malacca City around 10am... Kinda hungry so we went for breakfast at a Chinese Coffee Shop... Who don't love eating right?? I went for normal Chicken Rice (not the Melaka famous Rice Ball chicken rice) and le companion went for Mee Hoon Soup with Yong Tao Fu... Not the typical Malacca meal to start our fun trip but oh well...

Le Poulet...
Yummy Chicken Rice
Different type of Fish Ball items... Yummylicious!!!
Chillies, Lady Fingers, Bitter gourds and more Fish balls....
Ya... I know that is a lot of foods to digest but still it is a one of the life time kind of thing though... Anyway, back to the story... It was still really early to check in, 10 plus at that time... So, le companion decided to bring me go to those tourist spot to have a look....* Damn it was sunny and hot... sweat non stop*

1st Stop, Stadthuys Museum Complex @ Bandar Hilir

Being a "Giam Siap" or Stingy person, I decided not to enter... Because I gotta fork out RM5.00 for the entrance fee.. RM5.00 can buy something ok.... Well... maybe a meal or half a meal... or some souvenir in Jonker Street... Therefore, determine not to fork out the RM5.00... Plus, have you enter a museum or somewhere that you regret paying, because it is not interesting and not worth the money??

Well, this museum from what I heard, is believed to be the oldest Dutch building in the East and being the oldest building, it has all the typical features of a Dutch Colonial Architecture.. What in it?? Well, it comprises the History and Ethnography Museum, Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery, Literature Museum (Boring!!!), Democratic Rule Museum (Huh... What the) and Governor Museum ( Double Question Mark)... So you tell me whether is it worth the money based on the above mention stuff... not to me though...

But, there is a old bulldozer and fire engine in front of the museum, that does not cost any money to camwhore though ^^

Oliver the Bulldozer...
Fire Engine... ^^Y
More Informations:

Entrance Fee: Adults--->RM5.00
                       Children or Student---> RM2.00
Operating Hour: 9am till 5.30am (Daily)
Address: Perbadanan Muzium Melaka (PERZIM)
                Kompleks Warisan
                Jalan Kota,
                75000 Melaka
Tel: +606-284 1934 / +606-286 6070

Do drop by this place if you are interested in knowing more about Malacca, maybe you will find it useful or interesting.. But this place does not interest me at all.... Not a fan of History... ^^

Spend less than 15 minutes at the museum, after that hike up the St. John Hill to the St. John Fort for a visit....

2nd Stop, St. John Hill

The fort of St. John was build by the Dutch during 1760 to defend their "home a.k.a Malacca" against the Southern approach over the land.. Everyone wanna protect their home from invasion right??? No one wanna let their home ruined and conquer by outsider right?? Therefore, they are doing the same thing..But during that time, the Malays are trying their very best to conquer back Malacca from the Dutch... You can still find the remaining of the canons that were use during that era..

When we were there, the place was under renovation... Therefore, didn't take much pictures.. Only the pictures of the tomb stone though... *Suit the Halloween theme a bit*

Did you know that every corner in the building, there are lots of different tomb stone.... All of it are in Dutch language though...  Guess it is some prayers for the deceased..

This is how ancient skull look like....
There are a few souvenir stalls selling local made souvenirs right outside of the Fort... Price are OK~ish.... Do remember to bargain with them though... the thrill of bargaining are quite fun actually.... Haha ^^

Right after the Fort, we walked down and went to the famous A' Famosa

3rd Stop, A' Famosa (Forta De Santiago)

It is one of the most famous landmark in Malacca, guess everyone know or heard of it right?? Who don't right??

A' Famosa is build by the Portuguese though during 1511.. and not the Dutch... even though it is like really really near to the Stadthuys....

I read about the A'Famosa just now, and got to know that during the Dutch invasion, the A'Famosa sustained serious damage to it structure... Damn.. Imagine the wall is not strong and on the verge of breaking and the Dutch so happen attack the Portugese with a canon ball... imagine what will happen to the building... But I guess, it will stand strong because it is build by the Portuguese... if it is build by Malaysian nowadays, I assume with the current low standard of semen and mortar sure can't last long anyway... if you know what I mean..

After that, the British try to break it down.. Guess they don't want anything related to the Portuguese around their perimeter.. Luckly, Sir Stamford Raffles intervine in time and save what it is today.. Without him, guess we won't be able to catch a glimpse of A'Famosa..

The famous A'Famosa

 No entrance fee.... Free of charge this is more like it though... Nothing much at A'Famosa.. Just the famous door looking structure thingy...

Was just thinking right, why every time when I go somewhere for a trip or vacation, sure 100% burning hot one?? Can someone explain to me why?? Is like the sun purposely want me to be dark or something.. Y U SO BAD TO ME??? WHY???

Look at the sky, bright blue without a hint of clouds man... same with Port Dickson... Argh!!! Guarantee kena sun stroke if i continue standing under the sun..... GRR!!!!!

Anyway, this post is not finish yet... will post more about Malacca soon...

Ciao ciao...

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