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Simple & Easy Chinese Cooking... for Kitchen Destroyer or Kitchen Dummies..... LOL!!!!!


*Disclaimer: I always cooked this when I have no time and when I have no motivation (a.k.a LAZY) .. It works!!!!!! *

Are you facing what I used to faced??? Are you in the following category?? 

No time to cook?? Cause you spend too much time Facebook-ing, watching TV or Instragram-ing?? 

Wanna impress your loved one you are actually the "Real Deal" and not some "Kitchen Destroyer" or worst "Kitchen Dummy" ???

Hardly cooked and when it is time to cook you are facing a huge problem???

To be honest, I was once the fella I mentioned above... Come on, everyone been through it.. I don't cook and I bet lots of girls out there are the same.... We either have our mom or maid doing it....right??

Anyway, when I am forced to cooked for myself or for someone... I tend to struggle with the main question... WHAT TO COOK???? WHAT THE MOST SIMPLEST WAY TO PREPARE A MEAL???

After a period of time, I realized that cooking a simple noodle soup is the simplest for me... 

Therefore, I decided to share it with ya... the Fastest and Simplest way to cook something nice and delicious.... Guarantee can impress someone... providing they are not picky and they can gobble down everything and anything

Let start shall we???

It is call....


Portion size:
Roughly 4 serving... can be less or can be more.. depending on your serving...Mine was 4 Serving... 

Cooking time:
Roughly around 30-45 minuets (My fastest record: less than 30 min)

Ingredients needed:
1) For the soup:
1x small Beijing Cabbage
3x Ripe Tomato
2 or 3x Tom Yam flavored cubes ( You can replace it with chicken or beef cubes)

(Ingredients can be replace with your preferred ingredients, I have tried using Chinese Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Lettuce before... Yummy too!!!)

 2) Noodle:
Pan Mee/ Kuey Teow/ Yee Mee/ Maggi Mee/ Mee/ Bihun/ Soya Mee etc

(Which ever noodle you prefer or you can get it easily...)

3) Additional Ingredients:
1x Fish Cake (whole packet)
1x Crab Stick (4 sticks)

(You can replace it with fresh meats/ fishballs/ seafood or vege... Don't really have to follow my estimation here... )

~~~~~~~~~~ Lets Start Cooking ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Ingredients are prepared and placed a side and wash cleanly) 

1) Start by boiling 1 litre of water using water broiler 

2) When water is boiling, start by cutting up all the ingredients, such as: 
Tomatoes:Remove the middle stem thingy, cut it into half and than slice it into wedges 

Beijing Cabbage: Cut it into half (You can use the whole cabbage or just half of it), remove the stem thingy, slice it into wedges and than cut it rougly... 

(You have to start with the vege first, as the vege gives the soup additional flavour... sourness from the tomatoes and the sweetness from the cabbage... Fish cakes and crab stick can cut later on when the veges are boiling)

3) Once the water is boil, pour the whole kettle of water into a pot and start boiling the tomatoes first
( I want to extract the sourness of the Tomatoes that why I throw it in first for boiling, throwing the cabbage in too early will only make it softer... add the cabbage after a while around 8 to 10 minuets later)

4) Start boiling the tomatoes using high flame

(Using high flame, therefore, keep a look out of the fire.... time is limited here)

5) Continue cutting the rest of the ingredients
Fish Cakes: Slice it thinly
Ignore the messiness on the chopping board
Crab Stick: You can either cut it into half or slice it thinly

6) Add in Crab Stick and 2 cubes of Tom Yam Cubes after 10 minutes of cooking

7) Keep boiling it, the soup should start to change its colour from clear to cloud/ murky than to orangy (Thanks to the cubes)... Taste the soup, see whether do you need to add another cube for flavoring or not...
On the way...
8) Let it boil for a while longer than this simple dish is done... If you are eating it immediately, use another separate pot and scoop  some of the soup and ingredients inside and add in your desire noodle... DO NOT ADD THE NOODLE INTO THE SOUP POT... Dont need me to explain why right??? 


This is definitely one of the easiest and fastest way to prepare a meal for yourself or for your loved one... 

Lazy person always find ways to outsmart each other right?? 

Hope this dummy guide for cooking can help you like how it helps me.... 

Try it than...


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