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Kantin or Canteen... does this word ring any bells?? Do you recall the time where you are rushing to finish up your meal with your mates??? Cause I do... And I haven't step in a School Canteen since I finish Form 5... Why suddenly being so emo start talking bout school canteen right??? Hear me out a little... you will know pretty soon or maybe you already know.. Just continue reading than no harm been made... ^^

Still remember the time where me and my friends were having a nice hot plate of white rice drenched with lot of Curry Sauce with 1 piece of Fried Chicken and 1 Fried Egg accompany with Teh O Ais Limau.... That the bliss man... Remember that Anne??? We gotta finish our meal within like 15 minutes or so.... and than maybe we ronda ronda Koperasi buying and testing their pens for while and buy some keropok to munch in class??? OPPS!! My bad!!!!!!

Anyway, who don't miss the peak hour of Canteen Period right??? Cause I do.... Cheap food, chit chat with friends, romming around school... Those were the times....

T.C., Anne and me.... Remember those lunch period????
Recently, there is this new restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas I have been eying for some time now to give it a try... It is called "Kafe Kantin".... Started not long ago though.. Back in July 2012 I guess..
I though it is going to be like how a school canteen going to be... with those long tables and benches and those school posters and stuff... surprisingly, that is not the case.... Really old school ya know..

Since Kantin is their name... their menu is quite unique as well... Guess how will it looks like than... *Hint: Old School Stuff...*

School Exercise book menu....
Cute isnt it.... Let me show you the interior of the menu than... definitely interesting.... ^^

Love the wording and the cute little drawing there as well.... How many kids nowadays write like that anyway??? I remember my writing wasn't that nice and most definitely I don't draw on my exercise book.... I did once when I was in Standard 4, and my form teacher ask me to stand in the corner of the classroom for doodling her exercise book... U gotta break the rule when you are young once right??

Old School Stuffs....
Remind u of anything???

Class photo anyone?? Maybe you are inside one of them...

What that??
Jukebox.... Let Disco Disco!!!!
You can't be old school without a old school Jukebox machine.... You gotta have the package to be old school ya know... Lot of old Malay, Chinese and English songs for you to choose from... Try a Singalong with your peeps when you drop by there next time!!!

Lets get to the foodie part ya!!

You can either choose from the a la carte Exercise Book menu or the daily lunch menu... I go for the lunch menu because wasn't feeling too well.... read my previous post for more info..."Choy" la..

Quite a number of selection for you to choose from, you can either go for their Western or their Malay dishes...
A copy of their Lunch Menu...
Anyway, their lunch set comes with a drink of your choice... You can choose either Coke, Sprite or Orange Juice... Oh ya, the Orange Juice is the cordial type and not the freshly squeeze type...

We ordered Chef Bob Special... dishes vary everyday, so remember to ask the friendly server what is the dish of the day.. So, the dish of the day was "Ayam Masak Pedas" ( Spicy Chicken) and vege of the day was "Kangkong Belacan" (Fried Kangkong with belacan).. come with plain soup as well...

Rice was cooked perfectly... Not like some places whereby it is either too soggy or too hard... The "Ayam Masak Pedas" was really delicious.. It is cooked till perfection and has the right amount of Chili Padi in it... It look quite mild at first, but once you tried it, it definitely blow your mind off... Like the old proverb use to say "Kecil-kecil Chili Padi".. I love the tingling sensation the spiciness gave me... Not too strong but just nice... However, the "Kangkong Belacan" was disappointing... The taste is flat, as if they didn't use enough Belacan.. No kick at all, so not much comment on it

Next up, my "Spagetti Oil Seafood"...

Tummy wasn't feeling so well that day, so decided really last minute to have this dish.. Spaghetti was cooked perfectly, Al dente... Still got the "QQ" texture in it.. Each mouthful of spagetti, you can really taste the fragrance from the Basil Leaves and the Jalapeno Peppers. As for the stock, I am guessing they are using the Chicken flavor one which is just nice and wasn't really strong.... just a hint of Chicken flavor with the ingredients... I can't really taste much seafood in it though... Quite a generous portion as well... They given me quite a number of Squids as you can see, 1 Prawn and 1 Mussel... Not much helping of the cheese as well and best part of all, this dish isn't oily at all even though the name state so.. I though it is going to be like Aglio Olio style or something... I really enjoyed it a lot..

Last dish, "Grill Chicken",

The portion of the chicken is not big... and I won't complaint since I am paying less than RM12.00 for this dish... a really thin small slice chicken fillet.... But what is nice about this dish is the seasoning though.. Really strong spices flavor... Not like those normal chicken where the chef just pat the spices on the fillet and deep fried it straight away... I would say the chicken filet is been marinated for a period of time, so the flavor is really strong... The Black Pepper Sauce is pretty normal so not much comment on that.... Vegetable and fries are pretty normal as well..

No dessert though, like I mention earlier wasn't feeling very well therefore no appetite for that...

Lunch at Kafe Kantin is really very satisfying... I would say better than school canteen food anytime anyday, anyhow and anywhen....

I will drop by there again in the future to try out more of their food...

Wanna know more about this place??? Info right below, do drop by and pay them a visit ^^

Opening Hour: Lunch till Dinner time (Daily)
Address: No. 1, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                (Right opposite of KFC and next to 7-11)
Contact Number: 03-6206 2327

That all for now.... tootles!!!!!!!!

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