Fav Dinner @ Dragon-i, One Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya


Had dinner at Dragon-i at One Utama recently....

Dragon-i famous red menu
Different noodles available at Dragon-i...
Guess everyone been to Dragon-i since it first establish right??? Everyone wanna have some "Dragon-i" in them right???

A little info about Dragon-i.... i believe most people just ignore the first page where they wrote about their legacy right??? I do believe that everyone should at lease get to know the story behind "Dragon-i"

The original inspiration of Dragon-i or 笼的传人 is from the diverse or vast culinary offerings from our ancestor country China..... mainly from Shanghai, Beijing, Szechuan and many more... From spicy dishes all the way to rich flavor dishes.... you can find it all in Dragon-i...

I am not finish yet,what about their famous "Shanghai Xiao Long Bao" and "La Mian".... it is so yummy and delicious..... and "FINGER LICKING GOOD"....literally....

Let start with our food expedition shall we....

Braised Groundnut....
Snacking while waiting for our dishes.......... soft braised groundnut which is full of flavour... you can taste the different herbs use to braised the groundnuts..... OH SO-LICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Oolong Tea
Oolong tea @ RM5.00 per pax.... nice and fragrant tea.... I never fail to order Oolong tea when i drop by Dragon-i... Tea is good for digestion anyway and dissolving the oil in our stomach ^^

Crispy Fu Chok Skin
Crispy Fu Chok Skin @ RM12.00 ... as starter.... after we order our food... this dish takes less than 10 min to serve... it is not really pipping hot.... but between warm and hot..... the Fu chok as mention is very crispy though.... normally only hot stuff are crispy.... but this dish still maintain its crispness even though it turns warm...

Tong Bo Yok Fried Rice
Moist fried rice
Tong Bo Yok Fried Rice @ RM18.00... Rice is very moist and has a hint of  "Tong Bo Yok" and egg... There is texture in the fried rice as well, which come from the french beans or long beans... i cant differentiate between french beans and long beans... sorry about that... "Tong Bo Yok" meat is quite generous also.... the meat cube is also at a decent size as well.....

Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao @ RM9.80 per mini bamboo steamer this is what Dragon-i is famous for... their Xiao Long Bao... which is handmade by their culinary chef all the way from China... It is serve pipping hot... therefore, once it is serve do enjoy it ASAP... why??? if it is left cold... the texture and the soup in it will deteriorate and wont be that nice... Plus, it will stick to the cabbage leaves... the skin of the Xiao Long Bao is very delicate therefore, it stick to the leaves easily... Be extra careful when handling it, do not use too much strength.... There are soup or sauce in each and every Xiao Long Bao.. Dont break it.... that d beauty of the bao..... Delicious pork meat wrap in delicate Xiao Long Bao skin cooked in its own juice.... Ah~~~ that life..

Lao Sha Bao a.k.a Salted Egg York Bun
Lao Sha Bao (a.k.a Salted Egg York Bun) @ RM8.00 Be careful.... i burn my lip with the Lao Sha Bao.... It might look harmless....but, one bite and when the salted egg york paste flow out.... OMG!!!! it is hot.... Beside that, it is yummylicious.... the outlook might look meh~~ but taste wise is good.... i am not a Lao Sha Bao person, but honestly speaking.... i have tried a few Chinese restaurant Lao Sha Bao and so far this is still the best... The paste or sauce in it is very thick and rich with the salted egg taste... The bun itself is also full of flavor.... Yummy!!!! Very feeling so...

Ham Tan Har Kao a.k.a Salted Egg Prawn Ball
Ham Tan Har Kao (A.k.a Salted Egg Prawn Ball) @ RM35.00 ... roughly around 7 to 8 pieces... I would say it is not a definite number... If the prawns are big, than less pieces.... prawns are small, than bigger pieces... This dish, i would say the size are pretty big... It is not soggy at all and it is served hot. Some places, the salted egg york taste is not that strong, just a mild taste and some places it is served cold and soggy. The prawns are still fresh and it has a crunch in it.. (as in freshness crunch). I always loved Salted Egg Prawn Ball and this is one of the restaurant that served good prawn ball..... Definately will come back for it.

Stir Fried Broccoli with Scallop
Stir Fried Broccoli with Scallop @ RM32.00 Broccoli is very fresh and crunchy... Carrot are a bit dry though. I love the outlook of this dish. Why??? I look the shiny coating on all the ingredients, looks oily right but taste wise it is not oily at all... Very healthy....  Scallop are also very soft... very yummy... Quite a number of scallop as well... ^^

Double Boil Shark Fin with chicken soup
Double Boil Shark Fin with chicken soup @ RM48.00 .. Not gonna comment much about the soup. It is quite disappoint though.... The soup taste like chicken broth more than anything else.. cant really taste much shark fin inside... As for the shark fin, portioning is quite big, as for the texture wise, cant really say much... it is ok... cant really compare to anything... Havent really eaten much shark fin in my life anyway.. haha ^^

A cuppa Oolong Tea...
 After such a sumptuous meal, of course have to enjoy a cuppa Oolong tea for digestion wise.... Light flavor tea will not make you puke (Choi~~~~ touch wood) ..... Let not talk further about that.. haha

There a quite a few outlets around Malaysia.... Queensbay mall Penang, Gurney Plaza Penang, One Utama Petaling Jaya, Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur etc... 

Anyway, I had a very satisfying meal in Dragon-i.... have you had your Dragon-i moment yet?

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