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What kind of friend are you???? (MEME style)



Is been a while ya....

Loss my mood in blogging recently... bad person aren't I??

Anyway, just saw something very interested that I would love to share with you guys... which is...

ta~~da~~Da~~ DANG!!!!!

What kind of friend are you??

Yup that d thing I wanna share with you guys!!!!
But hear me out here, we always judge everything based on our perspective right?? We frequently complaint / judge about others.... 

" Who the hell he think he is..... Dato's son ar ???"

"Aiyah!! He always also late one la..... No need wait for him.... Wasting time one!!!! "

"She every time also fully booked one...Don't bother to ask her la... For what... she is "social butterfly" ma... " 

" Aiya.... his father now only change to Honda City.... my father now also change to BMW already.... "

" Ask for what..... he sure don't know la... he what also don't know one... don't bother ask him la..."  

and so on.... 


Anyway, back to topic... so we do "categorize" our friend accordingly right??? 

We have.......... the SAINT

 Person who will help you when help is needed... aren't they the nicest people on earth??? Imagine world without them.... world wont be a better place...

We have...... the FOREVER I M THERE FOR YOU!!!!!!

Person that you can really talk to and give you good advic.... Scrap d part if they give crappy advice and stuff, at lease they are there for you when u need someone to talk too... they sacrifice their precious time for us... awh!!!!!

We have...... the BAD TEMPER PERSON
 No need me to explain right??

We have...... the DIE ALSO MUST WIN

Person who forever wanna win no matter what.... Whether he is right or wrong doesn't matter.... as long as he or she win, they are happy.... Dreaming or what...Everything wanna win... go win toto la...

Anyway, scrap that a part... why don't we apply it to our self.... what kind of friend are you toward your friends??

Most people, I guess they will think of the good side... Who doesn't right??

But, it is not what you think you are... It is what people actually see in you... who you really are..

It doesn't count if you say you are bla bla bla... but actual fact you are not...

Imagine there is a dog in front of you, you can say that it is a fish, but actual fact, it is not a fish.... but a dog... you can argue for hours and stuff... but actual fact is that it is not a fish but a dog... 

So does that mean you are right??? 

NO!!!!!! You forever wanna have the last say.... this is what I call... FOREVER WANNA WIN people...

So, we know how to say people are that kind of person... Forever wanna win... die also have to win...

So, what are we than??? Are we the same with them??? Are we like them??

This is a "funny" version to summarize a part of it... Which one are you than??

Let me summarize Me than....

When I was still in school, I use to be the " TECHNICAL ADVISOR" not till the extend of I know d process of giving birth and how you be a successful businessman type... but we know what our teacher are teaching... So of course we teach or explain to our friends... ended up, I will also say "Y U NV ASK ME"... " ACTUALLY LIKE THIS ONE".... 

Right after schooling days, I started to be the "SIPEH ON GUY" cause I don't have much freedom when I was younger (schooling days), so once I have my new found freedom, everything also "SIPEH ON" also depending on what it is first... 

As life goes on, I start to learn more bout human nature and the negative side of the world, and it started to make me think negatively as well and I started to be a "SIPEH NEGATIVE GAL"... "Sure fail one"... "Cant one la".... "I dont think I can do it".... LOL... start to have low self esteem
As time past, I wanna rebuild my low self esteem.... what the heck!!!!! Then I start to be "D TOPPER GIRL" ... "I can do better"... "Easy peasy lemon easy"... "Can do it within 5 prob... Mo Man Tai.. "....  To make myself feel better and build my confidence... Dont judge... It works!!!!!

As time goes on as well, I started to have lesser friends... less is more right?? Dont have time for too much friends, my time are limited anyway.. haha ^^ So, less friends = less outing = less friends.... i started to be d "BO JIO GAL" Cause everyday also work than home, home than work... so desperate to hangout d... everytime also "BO JIO" me...

Haha ^^

That basically sum up d bad side of me which I realize la... I guess..... 
Like I said than.... What are you???

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