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What happen during 2012?


Hei guys, I am back!!!!

Been really busy therefore the lack of post...

Anyway, is already 2013, and I am sure there are a lot of people out there have already make their 2013 new year resolution...

Mine is on the way anyway...

Let me get started with what happen to me during 2012...

1) Being able to worked in Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur and meet my best buddies... Ma bitches!!! And have a wild night in our competitor hotel....  those were the days...

Me, Lilo, Dawson, Mirah
2) Meeting up with Form 5 classmate for a reunion... have a wonderful dinner with them...
SMKPR 5 Putih

3) Had a really unforgettable birthday celebration with my loved one and friends

From Le Companion
Birthday cake prepared by Le Companion's dad
From top: Mousse cake from Mun Ling, Cheese cake from Le Companion and Red Velvet cake made by Joshua's mom
4) Got my 1st wedding invitation... what??? most of my friend are either single or being in a relationship.. none of them are moving to the marriage stage yet...

With d bride
5) Being a mother and grandma within the same year.... Yup!! I am a non-wed mother.... to my lovely hamster...
Mama Hamster
Baby Hamster No 1
Baby Hamster No 2
Baby Hamster No 3
6) Flew to France and be a be a princess for a day!!

Colmar Tropical, Pahang
My Humble Village
Couldn't really think what other beautiful things happen in my life during 2012.. That why you need a blog to remind u with all the ups and downs in your life..

That all for now... Ciao Fellas!!!!!

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