Summer and Graduation trip @ Luzern, Switzerland


Luzern...... The city that i throughly enjoyed and loved the most....

Chapel Bride, Luzern
Been to Luzern numerous time during my studies, and no matter how many times i been there i still love and enjoy it... So "Deja-vu"..... it is like i use to stay there or smth...the feeling is so different.. So weird..... anyway, cut the crap

I use the pictures which is the from the latest Luzern collection.... Hope it helps though... Anyway, Let get rolling shall we

Accomodation----> Rosli Guest House

Stay in Rosli Guest House, situated downtown Luzern. It was a tough journey going there though.. it takes me like quite a while to get there. Why??? With one huge-ass luggage weighing 30kg, one backpack fully stuff with my things and foods and laptop and a handbag... imagine that??? *Therefore, do not do not follow me and carry so much thing.... do the right thing...hm...*

Rosli Guest House and Baslertor Hotel (which situated a few buildings away... the opposite side of the road) are partners hotel. They share their facilities together. A little info, the rooms we choose are not big is actually a standard room...which can fit up to 3 people.... And they are not like our posh hotel over here in Malaysia, whereby the rooms look classy and luxury looking... The room in Luzern are more basic and normal... Let me show you a few pictures of the rooms we took..

Room facing the road.... Quiet street though... not noisy at all...
2 beds with part of our luggages, minimal decorations
Unique looking sofa bed... remove the red seat and replace with a single bed...
Clean and spotless toilet...
What so unique about Rosli?? Rosli and Baslertor like I said are partner hotels, therefore, we can have free access to their one and only SOLAR-HEATED POOL .. how cool is that isn't it?? I always wanted a solar heated pool or a outdoor pool.... but my wish is granted... i get to try the solar heated pool...... and it is hidden between roofs of other building in the old city. The pool however, is only open during May till September only. Close for winter..... guess no one wants to freeze them self while enjoying them self in the pool

There are currently 10 rooms available at Rosli Guest House all also equipped with  Tv, attached bathroom, chargeable telephone and Free Wireless Internet. For me, internet is very important, I can serve the net, check emails, chat with my friends etc.. not only that, to be honest, it is quite boring at night in Luzern, shopping complex and shop closes at 6pm, restaurant are open till maybe 11pm. I have nothing to do at night, not interested in TV, therefore, internet is a way for me to pass time and enjoy myself..

Check in time will be at 3pm till 12am. Not like the usual 2pm check in time in Malaysia. There is a slight different in check out time as well, 7am till 11am. I am not sure can you check in and check out any other time, you can ask them or send them an email for confirmation. They are kind people, I am sure there is a way for everything  (^.*)Y

Location map
 I have attach the url and the location map of the hotel.... you can get more information from there....


Drawing on the building

One thing i love about Luzern... Their building are unique in a way ( look up)... I love such architecture.. we can really see that, they spend lot of money and time on it... is not easy to do it though... Oh ya... this is actually a hotel named " Hotel Des Balances" overlooking the town and maybe a slight river view.... Love the interior of the hotel as well...Victorianish.... i always love design like that...
The plaza... Another drawing on another building
Spot the Malaysian flag
Did you know that there are quiet a lot of Malaysian working in Switzerland. Most of them that I have met, worked as a chef in chinese restaurant.... So when you see a chinese restaurant that served china cuisine, most probably you are eating the creation of a Malaysian chef... In Montreux, I have eaten Sambal Kangkong in the local chinese restaurant ( owner i heard is a Malaysian)... see such a small world right?

Casagrande gift shop statue...
I always love to see the traditional clothing of Switzerland... look at the intricate sewing of the Edelweiss...

Anyway, Casagrande souvenir store is one of the biggest gift shop in Luzern... Oh ya, when check-in in any hotel, hostels etc... you will be given a tour guide book... do flip through it.. When i was there, Casagrande offer i think a small tea spoon as a souvenir... I'm not sure what is the gift now or whether are they still practicing it.. You can also use the tour guide book as a guide in Luzern. There are maybe coupon and other information in it that you will find useful during your trip.

Interested in Cuckoo-clocks, music box, Swiss watches, Swiss chocolate, T-shirt etc... drop by and have a look... lot of selection for you to choose from. Url attach for your easy reference


Edelweiss... I finally see it after so long being in Swiss
On Sale
Saw a pot of Edelweiss being sold in the local grocery store... If i were to stay there, i would buy a pot of it... but oh well... 9.80fr for a pot.... around RM30.00 a pot...

Street view
Church along the river... Bright and sunny day
Famous Chapel Bridge
Hotels along the river..
Lot of swans waiting to be fed
That it for now... will blog about Luzern more in the future... Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!

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