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Outing on Thursday By Baby Andrea


Hi.... How's your day been going??? Thursday was a OK-ish day for me.... I know today is Saturday and I am way overdue with this post... But hear me out ok!!!

Wanted to wake up at 10.00am, alarm also set at 10am already... Received a call at 9am which wants me to get ready by 10.30am.... What the.. Continue sleeping till 9.30am than wake up and get ready.. Feeling very sleepy therefore, no make up for that day....

Taken from
Went to HOMEDEC 2012 which was held at KLCC ( KL Convention Centre) from 18 till 21 October... Yesterday wasn't crowded at all...Lady Luck on my side.. Can you imagine what a scene it will look like if it is fully crowded??? Worse than Mega Sale during year end and pasar malam combine... quite a lot of exhibition booths too ^^ .... We were told by one of the exhibitor that we were really lucky we came on Thursday instead of Friday, cause usually the last few days of the exhibition normally have a larger crowds.... Esp Saturday and Sunday, non working days more crowded... We were so damn lucky right??

Picture taken from their website...

Picture all taken from their original website..
Went there to have a look at Build-in Wardrobe.... There were quite a number of exhibitors... Went there to have a look at their display and get some quotation from them... Price also not cheap... Some are cheaper than the others... but the outlook and interior is not very nice... Very Ikea looking some of it and the price is way over Ikea...

We spend quite sometime over there,ended up we have our lunch over there.. Expensive lunch... for 3 persons total costs is around RM33.00.... GULP!!!! We eat gold is it??? No le... Let me describe, 1 plate of Fried Rice, 1 plate of Fried Noodle with 1 scoop of Braised Mushroom, 1 scoop of Chap Choi and 2 spring rolls and 1 plate for Fried Rice with 1 scoop of Braised Mushroom and 4 spring rolls and last but not lease, one can of 100+

The cafeteria has service staffs serving us as well... Isnt that great??? They even help us to carry our food to the table... Hehehe ^^

BM Yam Rice
Have that for dinner as well... OMG!! I miss those Yam rice back in BM... have you tried it before??? I can't believe I found this in Publika Food Court... Was wondering around the food court thinking what to order... finally saw this in the corner store.. Of course take it la... The taste is very delicious, remind me of the BM one.. Just that the BM one has a stronger Pork taste compare to this one... cause the BM one have more demand... That my guessing la of course ^^.. Definately go back there for a meal soon, when I miss BM Yam Rice... YUMMY!!!

Delicious Yam Rice
Different Body Parts from a Porky...
Well, you can see the ingredients in the soup... all the parts from a Porky such as, Pork belly, Pork Blood, Pork Intestine, Pork Stomach, Pork Liver, Pork Meatball etc... The soup has a really strong Pork taste.. Thanks to the Pork parts... There is some Chinese Parsley and Ham Choy (a.k.a Salted Vege) in it.. Love the soup a lot... If only I can have it everyday of my live.... Opps!! I think is too high cholesterol d....

Braised Tofu and egg dish
This dish come with the Yam rice and soup as well.. Meh~ish though... Tofu is too soft for my liking... Not only that, the egg does not have a strong taste of the sauce... Still think the soup and rice the best....

The whole BM Yam Rice is @ RM9.90.... Worth it don't you think?? Of course you can get it at a cheaper price in BM but what to do right, the cost of living in BM and KL are totally different... Back in BM you can get a Chicken Rice at RM2.50... but back in KL, minimum cost also around RM4.50 or RM5.00.... See what I mean?? Well, at lease we know Mcdonald and Chatime pricing is standard no matter where it is isn't it??

Enjoying my fav craving...
Did you notice I didn't order a drink for my dinner?? Of course leave some place in the stomach for drink which is "Chatime".... Pearl Milk Tea with less sugar.... My Fav... Usually I have it with normal sugar...But guess you guys notice that it is quite sweet right??? Therefore, been having it with less sugar for a long time... I still love it ^^

That all for now than... ^^ Before I end let me post an old picture of me with my Churpout goodies bag...

Ciao Ciao!!!!

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