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Did you have a Churp Churp moment at Churpout 2012??


Did you guys went for the sensational Churpout 2012 at Publika??? I did..... even though was a bit late.... Did you?????

Seen this?? Remember this???
Sensational Churpout 2012 was held last Saturday, 13th October 2012 from 11am till 10pm at Publika Boulevard & Square... Famous bloggers and fashion icons such as Cheeserland, Fourfeetnine, ash-oh-tonic and Chuckei are there.... Famous TV host Daphne Ilking is there as well.. OMG!!! I guess many of you has been starstruck right?? Cause I did....

Lot and lot of music, dance, food, art, fashion are there... Did you get to learn or buy something new??? I definitely have my share of fun... Wanted to ask a few of my buddies to go with me, but too bad 1st half of the day I went out for a natural walk with friends ( Didn't know by what time I can make it).. therefore, with my natural walk buddies, we stop by Publika for me to get starstruck and to have dinner..

Arrive there around 4.00pm, went straight to register and get myself a goodies bag...Remember receiving an email from Nuffnang about this event, but I just ignore it. What a bad bad girl!!! Anyway, when I finally made up my mind to go to Churpout, than I realise that for the first 1000 attendees, they will received goodies bag each.... Was cursing myself for hours for not given a damn about the email... Anyway, I still manage to get the goodies bag that day....

Churp Churp Goodies Bag....
Let take a sneak peak at what is inside...... (*Please do ignore the colorful bed sheet behind... changing it soon....)

Look at the interesting goodies Churpies give each of us....
(From Bottom Left): Xpax brochure and event schedule, RM25nett shopping voucher from Fashion Valet.Net ( I havent use it yet though), RM10 credit for ( Malaysia 1st design marketplace), Churpout 2012 car/window sticker, Churp Churp Brochure and Churpout fun circuit redemption coupon (There are around 6 stalls full of fun activities for you to try it out, if you score you will get one stamp and 5 stamp and above you are entitled to one free gift... not sure what is the gift though... I lose and give up trying again...LOL)

(From Top Left): B-card super deals gift pack worth RM1,300.00 ( Sans registration fee, free B-card and free coupon book...), 4x Durex Play Orgasm Enhancing Gel and small packet of Mister Potato...

I haven't started using any of the above item yet.... Still keeping it brand new in the bag.... Maybe after a couple of days I guess.. LOL ^^

Like I mentioned, Double "F" blogger (Famous and Fashion) are there selling their pre-loved stuff. Of course, as a loyal blog reader, I give them support by buying some stuff from them...

Their pre-loved items became my new item.... Didn't get much from them though... Really regret... Cause was feeling really tired and lots of girls are there...So, I quickly scan through and bought what I fancy only.. Thank you so much for those that did not buy it..... LOL ^^

First really really affortable bargain from Liz Lisa , guess everyone know where it comes from right??? The Emoda fashion lover---->> Cheesie

This new pants bought it @ RM20.00.... Can you believe it??? THAT CHEAP RIGHT??? It is really very soft as well... Fit me really well, didn't do fitting though luckily it works for me... I am falling in love with Liz Lisa...

Triple love the bag...
Liz Lisa Pants
Next purchase, also from Cheesie / Foruchizu... The Famous "Bow Jeans"... I went there quite late, therefore the only size left is "M" size.. Haven't really tried the jeans yet... will reveal it when I wear it soon... Hope it fit though.... GULP!!!!

D Brand...

Bow Jeans

Bow Jeans @ RM40.00... Brand new... Now these 2 items can add to my wardrobe collection already... Wakaka... Am I turning to a shopaholic or what???

My fav teddy "Nameless"  says:" #ChurpOut 2012 is to die for.... did you have your Churpout moment yet?"

 Nameless and the Liz Lisa shopping bag..... He love it a lot too...^^

Anyway, that all for today post.... Been having some internet problem lately therefore, there is a delay in post... sorry about that... Share your churpout moment with me if you dont mind ^^



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