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KL Bird Park @ Lake Garden, KL


Suddenly got mood to post about Birdies....... Churp!!!! Churp!!!!! Churp!!!!

Anyway it been a while back since I step foot to Bird Park..... To be honest right, that is the place for you to have some fun with your friends and family (Leisurely....back to nature type) and get really close with the gentle birds and lots of greenary as well.... So far I've been there quite a number of times, and each time Bird Park never fail to amaze me....for some people, I think you will get really bored after maybe the 2nd visit or so because all you see is birds and plants..... haha ^^

*Beware of bird shit as well..... luck is on my side, each time i been there, i came home sweaty but clean (Bird shit- free)..... 

Did you know that KL Bird Park is the WORLD LARGEST FREE-FLIGHT WALK IN AVIARY... dont believe???? Is true you know.... it is written in their website..... I am not sure how big the rest of the bird park is around the world.... but to be honest, this bird park is consider huge already compare to the Penang Bird Park. 

Image taken from KL Bird Park official website....

KL Bird Park houses more than 3000 birds representing more than 200 different species.

Best part, you can get up close with the birds, imagine the bird resting on your shoulder.... that how close it can get to you..... Oh yeah!!! There are a few different feeding sessions available during the day , but whether you can feed the birds or not I am not sure.... maybe you can observe how the staffs do the feeding.... Don't be disappointed though, for a small amount of fee, you can actually feed the lorikeet and lorry available in the World Of Parrot....with Sunflower seeds or some milky white liquid.... 

Cute bird..... I forgot the name

Fast fast act cute..... than this human will feed us.... quick!!!!!!!

 Let me attach a KL Bird Park map inside as well to help you guys out

KL Bird Park Map
Let me give you a brief explanation about the place than..

Zone 1 & 2 ----> Free flight bird. You can get really close to them
Zone 3        ----> Caged birds. Mostly hornbills and different species of birds
Zone 4        ----> Caged birds continue...... Eagles, ostrich and many more available. Amphtheatre is where you can enjoy their birds show... available during certain time only during the day

Not going to further elaborate about the place, you should go and have a look at it.......... *Suspense right???*

Enough blabbering.... picture time....

Poser bird haha.....
Hornbill in a caged

Oh yeah!!!! You can find a free flight Hornbill in Zone 3.... Catch a glimpse a few times..... Seem like there are 2 hornbills. One is bigger than the other... Quite hard to find them though.... always hiding somewhere....

Beautiful peacock in the free flight zone....
Mandarin itself

Cute Mandarin duck at Bul Bul Land *Kawaiiiiii.......*

Whatcha looking at????

Niam Niam.... Papaya is yums!!!!!!!!

That all for now.... would like to know more about KL Bird Park??? Drop by their website and take a look at it....

Oh ya... they do have restaurant over there.... quite pricey though... I would say is very touristy price.... but you can grab a snack or ice cream from there kiosk.... hot dog, sweet corn in a cup etc... reasonable price.... Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!! Food and beverage are not allow though.... so gentle reminder, grab a bite first before you enter that place....

Happy birding guys!!!!!!

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