Gruyere @ Switzerland (Part 3)



I am back.... anyway, let continue where I left off yesterday ya...

As mentioned yesterday, Today I will blog about Cailler Chocolate Factory tour...... It is like a dream come true you know... I am like the small boy in the movie " Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"..... just that I didn't win the golden ticket, I have to pay for the entrance fee..... T.T  SAD !!!

Image capture from Cailler Official Website... ( http://www.cailler.ch/en/maison-cailler/visit-us/directions/ )
 Cailler Chocolate Factory is located in Broc.... quite a distance from Gruyere train station. One way to get there will be the train.... where you can take the local train to Bulle, one of the bigger town and switch to another train to go to Broc..... Do get the time schedule from the local tourist board or the train station schedule that is paste at the Gruyere train station... Reminder, The time schedule during weekdays and weekends are slightly different... do check in advance..... We ended up spent nearly 2 hour waiting for the Broc train to depart and ended up have to walk back to Gruyere because of the timing.... SWT !!!!!!!!

 Entrance fee is 10fr for adults and FREE for children (16 years old and below with parents, not with group). Student rate will be at 8fr and do bring along your student card for verification ya!!!!

Quite a big attraction actually... For 8fr, we actually get to walk around the exhibition hall and enjoy the display which mostly consist of Poster for publicity purposes all around the world, actual packaging of Cailler chocolate throughout the years and many more. You have to queue up and wait for the guided tour which is going to bring you back in time..... where how chocolate is been discovered, when cocoa seeds been brough into Europe, how Cailler was formed etc.... Very interesting tour. The guided tour is without a guide, you have to enter room to room to see what there waiting for you. Each room is equip with animation (some of it) and interesting display..... Oh ya.... dont worry the guided tour is conducted in many different international languages. So no worries, enjoy your guided tour with your preferred language.

Me getting so excited before the tour........

Waiting patiently for the train to depart..... that took around 2 hour
Cailler Chocolate Factory..... YIPEE!!!!!!!

Cutting and pictures of Cailler...

 The young chap over there is not the late US President Mr Abraham Lincoln.... I think is the founder of Cailler chocolate... I forgot.... (*.*)
Real poster for publicity purposes....
Cailler chocolate old packaging

Waiting...... waiting...... for the tour


Fight for the cocoa drink.....
Cailler ancient production factory

Switzerland.. when fresh milk are delivered to produced the perfect Swiss chocolate
It look real right??? Is actually a projection from the projector..
Sample of their factory with real nuts.... go and taste and dont get caught

Interesting caption... Guess what I wrote

Childish me....
Tons of chocolate for tasting.... Chocoholic unleash!!!!!!
Ambassador anyone???

Want some Femina???

Free tasting of chocolate.... try all you want before you pick up your shopping bag..... Dont waste it.....

Yummy chocolate..... No wonder i got fat during my trip....
Milky Frigor!!!!!

Metal cast for chocolate....

Cute right????
I Wanttttttttt

There is a souvenir shop for you to do your last minute shopping.... Lot of chocolate available for you to shop till your heart content...... Grab that opportunity and shop shop shop!!!!

Wanna know more about Cailler...... drop by their website and find all your needed information


Video taken from their website....... Enjoy!!!!!!!

Nothing much to blog for my Easter trip..... we depart back to SHMS the next day....

I miss that place a lot.... cant believe its been 1 year already..........

Before i end this post..... post a picture of me and Montbarry...

Told ya is far away from town.... that not even half the journey yet.... but the view is breath-taking....

Look ~~~ Look ~~~

Au Revior, Gruyere!!!!

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