Gruyere @ Fribourg,Switzerland


Posted a local tourist destination earlier..... took roughly around 2 hour........ line damn bad and slow... take forever to just upload those pictures...

This post, let me bring you to Gruyere, Switzerland.... that where I went for my Easter holiday last year during the school break.

I know most people will make use of that chance to go far away... Paris, Milan, Zurich, Venice etc.... but I decided to stay local and tour the local Swiss tourist destination.... I mean why go far when i haven't even tour finish the local destinations yet right??

Anyway, Gruyere is quite near to Montreux... Take the local train which depart on time and you will arrive in Gruyere around 1 hour time. Wanna check the local train schedule... drop by http://www.sbb.ch or check with the local train station master or attendant... they are more than willing to help you with it... ^^

Let me share some information about Gruyere with you guys. Gruyere is a small medieval town in the canton of Fribourg. Gruyere itself is a tourist destination unfortunately, it is not as famous as it brother and sister ( Geneva, Zurich and Luzern).

 Everyone over there is very friendly and helpful. Doubtful?? Really meh?? Me and my bf arrived at Gruyere and we have no clue how to get to the hotel that we booked.. we walked around the train station till we saw a bed and breakfast chalet and we asked the owner how to get there. FYI, it was a busy period because lot of people went there for a short break. The owner showed us the direction to our hotel but she fear that we might get lost again and the journey to the hotel is quite far therefore she decided to drive us there and she did... right to the door step of the hotel. You dont find such a thing in Malaysia do you??? So this is what i call Swiss Hospitality.... totally different than Malaysian Hospitality....

On the way there, enjoy the view!!!!! It look like the scene from the Sound of Music
Beautiful view


The hotel we stayed in is actually a Spa Hotel "Montbarry" .... That time when we are there, the spa facilities are still under renovation... really nice and friendly couple running the hotel... Speak good English so why not have a little chat with them when you are there... haha ^^

Once you get down from Gruyere station, it will take quite some time to get there.... my advise is get the directions from the owner of the hotel first if not try asking the locals... they are more than willing to help you i am sure ^^

Tadah!!! The hotel... minus the snow....
My bed..... bear is not included in the room ^^

Oh Yeah.... The hotel website is http://www.montbarry.ch/cms/en . The pricing and hotel informations are available in it as well... have a look ya..... Nice couple running it...

Back to Gruyere....

Let the picture do the talking than ok...

On the way hiking up to the town.... Gruyere.... 

Zoom shot of our hotel.... 20x zoom ....that explain why the picture is blur and foggy

Me at the entrance of Gruyere....

View of the small medieval town

Another view of the town... See the amount of tourist coming into the town
Swiss Restaurant

We had our lunch here... The outside of the restaurant was packed but fast service.... the waitress are all middle age maybe around 40+ womens... friendly faces... even though they speak limited English they are very helpful.... Merci Beaucoup, madam!!!

Pricing wise... reasonable.... I had the main course and a ice lemon tea... if i remember correctly d meal for 2 person is around 60franc i think... or less.....

We had Entrecote avec Cafe du Paris ( Beef steak with Cafe du Paris Sauce serve with a portion of fries as well)

I have to praise the chef....I hate vege.... but trust me.... those julienne of carrots, french beans, brocholi and cauliflowers might look blek~~ but they are very juicy.. the blanch vege has it own taste and a hint of chicken stock in it... the small cup of Cafe du paris sauce.... OMG!!! so buttery and serve cold...when you put some on the steak...melt with the heat of the beef.... Delicious....

Some of the delicacy available in Gruyere  
  After lunch, we went to the castle of Gruyere..... let the picture do the talking again

View of the castle

The inner court yard of the castle....

Their medieval time kitchen.... Look so King Henry time right??? haha ^^

Armor from the Armor Room

A brass Sculpture in the inner courtyard

Living Room.... Love the design

Old documents in French and some old coins

Beautiful garden in the castle.... Nice right??? The middle is a waterfall

Camwhoring in garden... suddenly become cloudy
A sundial drawing on the wall

Ok.... this post is getting a bit too long.... will post Part 2 soon....

Ciao fella!!!!

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