Gruyere @ Switzerland (Part 2)


Taken a short break.... been blogging Gruyere (Part 1) for an hour or more.... stupid internet line damn slow...take so long to upload the pictures.... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let continue ya....

Oh ya... did i mention that we only start the tour of Gruyere town on Day 2??? No right??? My bad... sorry about that...

Anyway, after that... we went to the Gruyere cheese factory.... i though it is going to be a huge ass factory with all the equipments and machine on display and we get to see up close... but surprisingly, it is just a small factory... but quite informative already despite its size...

Gruyere Cheese Factory-- La Maison Du Gruyere

It is quite easy to find the factory though... Once you exit the train station, you will see a building right in front of the train station..... That will be the buiding of the Cheese Factory..

Tourist will have to pay around 7fr (Adult price) while for kids will be around 3fr ( Kids below 12 years old)... Oh ya.... once you paid for the entrance fee right, the kind receptionist will give you a packet of Swiss Gruyere Cheese with 3 different kind of maturity (Mild, Semi salty and Salty) ... Free door gift... me likey....

Ancient pot use for cheese making

The "Touch" section

There are a few section in the exhibition side.... Touch and Smell are one of them... Picture attach show the different item available for touching and camwhoring.... 
Big pot use to boil milk

In the sight section, if you are lucky, you are able to catch a glimpse of the cheese making process....  Too bad when we arrive they are finish with process... oh well...

Don't be afraid of any language barrier... at the entrance of the factory... there are a lot of remote control like thingy that function as a translator... follow the instruction to select your preferred language and listen to the guided tour around the factory...
Cheese mold for the formation of the Cheese

Mini fake cheese with cheese brush.... for cleaning of the cheese

Cheesy heaven.... Oh My Cheese!!!!!!!

You can also catch a glimpse of where and how they keep their cheese..... the place is moist and there is a machine that will over turn each and every cheese accordingly.... The machine will also use it brush to clean the cheese at the same time.... super cool !!!!!!!!!!

At the far end... that the machine....

Real life cheese
They even exhibit the real cheese..... and it is HUGE!!!!!!!!!

This factory not only function as a musuem for curious tourist like me, it is also a factory that produces cheese for sale....

They import it not only to the local community...even to all over the world... so have you seen a Gruyere cheese at your local grocery store yet??? I seen it... have you???


La Maison du gruyere have it own souvenir store where you can get to shop for your favourite Swiss items...... pre-pack cheese, different kind of Swiss cheese, chocolate, Fondue set and ingredients, Meringue, T-shirt and many more are available.... No time to shop..... why not drop by to the souvenir store to stock up on your preferred souvenir... I did it... so can you... ^^

Hungry after seeing so much cheese??? Not to worry.... there is a restaurant in it as well... price is reasonable and delicious.... local delicacies are also available.... Since Gruyere is famous for its cheese... why not try out their Fondue.... Fondue Moitie- Moitie is a must try.... but it has alcohol in it which i dislike.....

Therefore, i go for their normal Fondue San Alcool (Fondue without alcohol)... and it is so rich in cheese taste.... double yums.... salty cheese fondue simmer in the specially made fondue pot ready to be eaten with freshly baked bread and warm potato..... The bread and potato come with it though... Not enough.... you can order some more... with an additional charge of course ^^

Fondue San Alcool

 You can also season your fondue with some pepper... add some spice in it.... and taste very yummy....

I added lots and lots of freshly ground pepper in my fondue though.... never regret it!!!!!!!!

A basket of warm baby potato ready to be eaten with our fondue....

The whole thing... got to slowly enjoy it.... don't miss the chance ok

Me enjoying my fondue

Look at the cheesy-ness..... so thick and yummy

Poser me.... Yum Yum Yum!!!!!!

That all for the Cheese Factory post.... need more information??? You can go to http://www.lamaisondugruyere.ch

The official website

Ciao ciao..... Bye Bye......

* Next post.... Cailler Chocolate Factory 

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